Thursday, February 10, 2011

Top 10 Sports Stories

Hello Sports Fans-
I apologize being tardy in my Top 10, yet hope you enjoy the sassy perspective of stories that made the cut!
10. Who knew a player would be the difference between playing in the NBA Championship and breaking records for LAST place in the league... Or, maybe karma could be returning to Cleveland as they set a NBA record for now 26 losses in a row and counting.  Admittedly, King James did not handle his 'Decision' to leave in the best manner, but public name calling outbursts in response aren't very fashionable either. Even worse, not to dig the wound any deeper, Lebron went 'off' last week, being the first player this season scoring 51 points...
9. As frigid temperatures, ice, and snow continue to pound destinations up and down in the East, a week of paradise has blessed the Central Coast and Bay Area. It was a majestic day on February 5 for any San Francisco Giants fan venturing out for Fan Fest at AT&T Park! Actually, the weather and day were so nice, fans were turned away! An estimated 65,000 enjoyed the generosity of the SF Giants Organization, and our favorite players were gracious with autographs and interviews. Visit  for player interviews (Brian Wilson was awesome!) and photos of your World Series Champions San Francisco Giants!  Valentine's Day bonus: Pitchers and Catchers report for Spring training!

8. Speaking of Winter Paradise in San Francisco... Our pleasant warm spell has splashed our Central Coast with perfect timing of two feature events taking place this week! For NorCal die hard tennis fans, the World's top men are playing in SAP Open in San Jose, CA. Or, if you happen to be a weekend hacker out on the golf course, the Annual  AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro/Am is taking place a short scenic drive down the Monterrey Peninsula.  Favorites such as Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, David Duvall, Bill Murray, George Lopez, Tony Romo, and Matt Cain will be teeing it up at Pebble Beach, Spy Glass and Poppy Hills! Catch the action live or go to for highlights and TV listings. Who needs Dubai (Tiger!) when you have Spy Glass?!
7. I mentioned at the end of number 10 on Valentine's Day, Pitchers and Catchers report for Spring Training! This is an exciting time for baseball fans spanned across the nation. This day marks a 'new beginning'... a 'fresh start' in the quest for a Pennant! And then it's the World Series Champion San Francisco Giants who return vying for repeat greatness. We've heard all about Philadelphia and their R2C2 lineup... we've watched the press conference of two BoSox joining once again to bring some veteran power to Tampa Bay... and quietly San Francisco has maintained (for the most part) their team, signing Cody Ross, Pat Burrell, and Aubry Huff for another year, as well as acquiring Miguel Tejada to replace Renteria at Short Stop. Yet... there is one team, the Black and Orange foe to the South, Los Angeles Dodgers, who continues to sit in limbo while their fate of ownership lies in divorce court. Soon-to-be ex-Mrs. McCourt continues to unrelinquish her vested interest as part-owner of the team.... NorCal is smiling and doesn't mind the Dodgers' continued distraction in the clubhouse! Ha! Keep up to date on the latest news of the Dodgers 'Blues' -
6. Everyone in Nascar Nation have February 20 circled. Fox Network began their Daytona 500 Blitz campaign on Super Bowl Sunday taking advantage of the 111 million+ pairs of eyes glued to the bube tube. I have an All Points Bulletin Alert to all teams (well, except Hendricks Motor Sports) - Can somebody PLEASE beat Jimmy Johnson?!  I don't care who... I don't care how...  I mean, Really.... We are talking 'stock' cars here!  As a matter of fact, I would like to see that fresh-faced kid on Joe Gibbs racing team, Denny Hamlin actually pull through this time and BEAT him!
5. Super Bowl XLV produced so many stories, I don't know where to begin! Well, I think I will pick the MVP, Aaron Rodgers. The Golden Boy's stellar performance did wonders for Cal Bears recruiting and fundraising efforts towards Memorial Stadium Upgrade. Aaron may have raised eyebrows of every NCAA Div I recruiting staff efforts to peer a little closer at Junior/Community college players through out the US (or at least California). NFL is in the running for  CHUMP of the year blundering customer care of 400 ticket holders. NFL officials knew a shortly after arriving at Over-the-Top Cowboys Stadium, they oversold seats not present... NFL has missed the boat regarding 'handling' the mishap... Not only do they have a looming lockout, but a class-action lawsuit landing in their laps. The most interesting and actually poignant sound bite is when soon-to-be former Chad OchoCinco (going back to good ol' Chad Johnson) ended up in the press asking Roger Goodell about the Owner's expectations and hopes to avoid a lockout regarding a CBA between players and owners. Here is a glance -

4. First... A coach with a foot fetish... Now? A quarterback following the path of infamous cradle robbers such as Rob Lowe, James Woods, Kobe Bryant and Seinfeld... Reports swirling around Mark Sanchez dating 17 year-old high schooler, Eliza Kruger. Discuss amongst yourselves.... Read the latest-

3. UFC 126 did NOT disappoint! Although I was dreaming of a 5 round blood bath between two Brazilians (Silver vs. Belfort), no one (including Belfort!) saw the Jean-Claude VanDam foot-to-jaw dropper kick ala Silva-Style! The main event was OVER! Silva took less than a 'Minute to Win it'.... Next fight February 26 Penn vs. Fitch! 

2. A follow up to a tragic story that has come full circle! A Marin County High School player pitching for Marin Catholic was hit by a line drive clinging to life last year. When this happened the team immediately switched from aluminum bats to wooden bats to improve safety. The player has fully recovered AND the league has decided to adopt a new regulation only allowing players to use wooden bats.    I hope Marin County League is just the beginning in changing the trend -

1. We have heard stories about coaches ranging from Bob Knight throwing chairs to Pete Carrell helping mentor kids less fortunate growing up in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods surrounding USC. Yet, there is a coach who recently earned the 'Medal of Honor' in selflessness and giving. When a Wake Forest baseball player ended up needing a kidney and no family member being a match, the Wake Forest baseball coach tested as a match! He didn't even hesitate in giving his kidney to his player. I look forward to reading more stories making my heart glow as bright as this one!

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