Friday, April 6, 2012

Opening Day Good Friday! Errr.... or is it?

Happy Good Friday!

Or... is it? One side, Freddie Couples tied for lead at The Mater's!!! I learned to golf where he learned, at Jackson Municipal Golf Course, off of Beacon Hill just South of Downtown Seattle. Who doesn't LOVE Freddie!

On the other hand... I did NOT plan seeing my boy Timmie (Lincecum) get rocked twice! Scooby Doo has the perfect line in moments like these, "Ruhhh Rohhh..." We are right where we left off in 2011.... Ian Kennedy and Arizona D'backs have SF Giants number! Doh! Nice to see new bats in line up even game up in 6th 3-3! Yet... Timmie right back in trouble in the stretch bottom of 6th... Jesus! And what genius hatched the idea of Aubrey Huff play outfield? Really? Here we go! (in comes cute long-haired chihuahua dragging a bottle of wine in its mouth with two glasses.... Whimpering... )          

Yup! Torture is SF Giants motto period!

I know... I know... This is only game 1 of 162 game Season... I just thought it would begin a little bit better with a little less drama... I must be going insane! These are the SF Giants, right?! Why do I deceive myself year-in-year-out expecting something different than torture?

Snap out of it!!!

If you haven't seen George Carlin's perfect description between baseball and football... It's WORTH another chuckle and 5 minutes of your time! Hmmm.... I think Carlin knew 20 years ago that "Bounty Gate" definitely a high probability... Doh!