Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring 'Training' Fever!!!

Opening Day is a pinch over 4 weeks away! Like many perfectionists… professionals…. Artists…. One must practice, practice, practice! Cactus League starts Friday!

I was faithfully listening to my favorite sports show this morning (Murph and Mac on KNBR 680 between 5am and 9am- I try not to miss it! At least until I have to clock in…) as they broadcast live from the booth behind home plate at San Francisco Giants Cactus league home Scottsdale Stadium in Arizona. I was sooooo envious! Of course, Brian Murphy was not shy in describing the ball park coming to life as the Sun rises to greet a fresh day. He teased us with the aroma of cut grass wafting into the booth from the infield… He coyly mentioned (while tweeting the picture, no less!) hitting coaches and prospects scooting around the bleachers and trotting onto the field with their cleats in hand, preparing for bunting drills infield as grounds keepers sprinkle the outfield turf. He urged us to close our eyes and imagine the heartwarming sounds such as the soft pops a ball makes being caught in a broken-in Wilson glove while being tossed in a long ball drill between Zito and Lincecum; and the sweet crack each Louisville Slugger creates when it makes contact on the sweet spot of it's barrel with a 108-stitched leather fast ball from a high-steppin' Rookie of the Year Catcher #28. He took me over the edge pointing out who those coaches were…  JT Snow, Jeff Kent… Like who doesn’t know those guys?!

It’s been a dream of mine during my wage-earning life of taking a week off and venturing down to Arizona to take in a few games at Cactus League… Each year I hope… and so far, unfortunately, other items keep popping up (like knee surgery this year, or unemployment off and on other years…) Of course, getting paid to be there is different from paying your way. One day (hopefully sooner than later)… One day…. I will run in to those guys and be in Heaven! I become nostalgic about a game I view as perfect… I recall Annie Savoy’s opening one of the greatest baseball movies ever with an amazing monologue about belonging to the ‘Church’ of baseball... I really relate to her observations. So many songs… stories… and prose dedicated to our American pastoral pastime. Although football maybe more popular, I will stick to the side of George E. Will, Billy Crystal, the late George Carlin, John Fogarty, Steve Perry, Jimmy Fallon,  Kareem Abdul Jabaar, Ashkon, Brian Murphy, Andy Baggerly, Annie Savoy, and Crash Davis… Baseball is paradise and pure delight!

Get pumped up and enjoy these vintage moments that keep me coming back for more!

Center Field- John Fogarty and tribute to Baseball

George Carlin- Baseball vs. Football

Eve Aronson, Comedian with interpretation of Annie Savoy’s ‘Church of Baseball

Crash Davis- ‘I Believe’

Finally, SF Giants Darren Ford shares his call up into the Big Leagues on September 1, 2010!

If this doesn’t get you hooked… Well, email me! 

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