Monday, May 30, 2011

Oh Canada!

I had a friend forward me a few fun facts about our dear boys in the North:

Don’t feel bad fellow Sharks Fans… It was Destiny for Vancouver to advance to Stanley Cup Final-

In 1976, Montreal hosted Winter Olympics and the following year the Canadians go on to win the Cup. In 1988, Calgary hosted Winter Olympics, and the following year, the Flames go on to win Stanley Cup…

Last year, Vancouver hosted 2010 Winter Olympics….

Sharks fans, although frustrated about their results versus expectations did well, considering it appeared they may not even make the playoffs in the middle of the Season. If anything, San Jose could learn from the success of Vancouver, and how they approached their opponents, fulfilling expectations of their number one seeding and recipient of the President’s Cup.  Personally, what burned deeper in  my gut than not advancing this year was being a first-hand witness of a crushing and vibrant example what we (as fans) anticipated  the Sharks would do two  years ago (when they were the recipient of the President’s Cup and top seed). 

I’m impressed and wish the best for Vancouver.  I lived a significant chunk of my life up in Seattle. Before the San Jose Sharks were added to NHL, I’ve enjoyed and root for The Canucks.  I had the pleasure of  venturing up to BC witnessing numerous games at the Pacific Coliseum. I look forward to checking a game out at their new house in Rogers Arena.  I was elated when San Jose was awarded a NHL team in 1991. Living up in Seattle, I went out and bought my Sharks hat at the local GI Joe’s sporting goods store. It’s my favorite hat. When I go to hockey games, I bring an extra hat so I don’t have to throw that on the ice in a hat trick  moment(for those illiterate in hockey jargon, that  is when  one player scores 3 goals in the same game).

It wasn’t long  before San Jose themselves tasted success the last time Vancouver made it to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1993-94 Season.  San Jose Sharks were the bottom seed, and went on to shock Detroit Red Wings in the first round, being the favorite that year to make it to Stanly Cup finals.  How our memory fades between being spoiler and dreams of lifting the Stanley Cup glory getting spoiled.  Vancouver Canucks strived mightily for their second opportunity in their 40th  year to hoist above  their heads the most valued trophy on North American soil.  Vancouver fans can relate to the gut wrenching pain  they bestowed upon Sharks fans last week.  When Vancouver scored that fluke of a goal in 2nd overtime, the scar that was just beginning to heal from two years ago, got ripped wide open.  Vancouver felt that same pain when Mark Messier and the New York Rangers handed them a loss in game 7 in Madison Square Garden. A riot... (yes, an actual RIOT in Canada) broke out in the streets of Vancouver following the loss. Although Vancouver appeared poised to make another run with the young guns of Trevor Linden, Pavel Bure’, and goalie McLean… they never recovered. Beloved coach Pat Quinn left, and although acquiring supposed phenoms such as Mogilny and supposed coach guru, Mike Keenan, Vancouver had sub par records, and usually exited the playoffs in the first or second rounds, or not making playoffs at all.  With GM changes, and a flurry of coaching changes, Vancouver  began turning their club around in the Millennium.  Finally, 17 years later, with the Sadin brothers and Luongo, they’ve returned to the Finals. 

So… My dear Sharks fans, chin up!  Enjoy the Stanley Cup Finals as best possible, and pray the San Jose Sharks front office doesn’t take 17 years to turn an incredible club  around in the right direction!

Finally, some words and opinions to ponder in baseball, and a FUN video!

Buster Posey broke one of his lower leg bones above his left ankle as well as tore ligaments, when it unfortunately was caught under an incoming player to the plate.  The injury was a significant blow to the San Francisco Giants, being Buster Posey was NL Rookie of the Year, and budding Major League star.  There are arguments on both ends occurring regarding encounters that happen at home plate between a catcher positioning himself to catch an incoming thrown ball and guarding the plate against an incoming charging ball player who can reach a speed upwards of 18 mph. Should there be rule changes to protect players from injuries when sliding, or running home? Both players, coaches, and analysts have voiced their opinions for each side…  Coach Bruce Bochy, and Giants broadcasters John Miller, Dwayne Kuiper, and Mike Krukow make valid points for a rule change. 

Here are some stories to review regarding the subject –

Now on the lighter side…

Batting Stance guy has one of my favorite Giants as a special guest in this MLB week in review: