Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April 7, 2016...

As the universe gifts us rare celestial moments in our life time of Haley's comet passing, or a full lunar eclipse, there are rare dates in sports lore where sporting events align that may create a euphoric brain frenzy! A day where you enter sports fan heaven.

If you are a Bay area sports fan, that sporting eclipse took place this last week. The boys of Summer are back in town, and the defending NBA Champion Golden State Warriors are attempting to make history, challenging The Chicago Bulls regular Season win record of 72 wins done back in 1995-96 Season. On Thursday, April 7, the Bay Area sporting schedule aligned perfectly for the fan whom had deep pockets, and the day to participate in an elite double header.

The San Francisco Giants fittingly kicked off their home opener facing prime rival, The Los Angeles Dodgers. Festivities begin as early as 5 AM at the Public House at the Corner of 3rd and King, the Willie Mays corner of AT&T Park. There are pre-game traditions Ive had the pleasure to take part in through out the years. Two of my top 3 involve Ferries. The Larkspur Giants Ferry, and the Oakland Game Ferry have to be two of the best pre-game rides in town! The third has to be Giants' Flagship opening show pre-game kick off hosted by KNBR morning ensemble, featuring 'Murph and Mac'. I am sure every group of fans have their annual traditions migrating upon At&T Park. It's an even year! Anticipation, and expectations run thick through every member of the Giants family (Players and fans, alike).

Opening home game versus the Dodgers ended up absolutely epic! The Giants came from behind to tie it up in late innings, and won with a walk off home run belted by home grown stud, Golden Glove short stop 'Don't Call Me Stamos!” Brandon Crawford. Cue Tony Bennett!

Even with the Giants opener running extra innings, it left ample time for an ultimate fan to listen enjoy the tinkling ballad of 'Leaving your heart in San Francisco' in your seat at AT&T, then happily sauntering back to Bart to catch an East Bound train over to #Roaracle Arena to capture history of Golden State Warriors to ascend as the only second team in NBA history to reach 70 wins in an 82 game Season against none other than Western Conference nemesis, San Antonio Spurs. There's nothing sweeter than attaining historic benchmarks versus the team that has quietly dominated 'Winning' since the beginning of the Millennium.

April 7th, 2016 was an incredible day... It was stunning... April 7th, 2016 should be framed in your mind as a perfect day in The Bay...

Whenever you see the opportunity aligning, enjoy the splendor and be witness to history in progress!