Thursday, February 17, 2011


Put Me in Cold!

Happy Valentine’s everyone! It may be storming around the United States, yet the sun shines bright on MLB Spring Training camps in Florida and Arizona!  Pitchers and catchers reported February 14, thawing out hopes and dreams of baseball fans spanning America... Of course some aspirations may be dashed before Opening Day, and others penciled in as Pennant winners without a pitch being thrown. Bay Area fans continue to roam the streets of San Francisco picking orange and black confetti out of their hair, sharing their picture with anyone who says hello of them with the trophy...  I like San Francisco's chances of heading back to the playoffs... I don't see any gains or moves that any other team in the NL West made to compete with San Francisco's Band of Misfits. Over on the East Coast, Boston has boosted its line up with acquisitions, mainly Adrian Gonzales; and following the echoes of his Papa, Hank Steinbrenner has pretty much made a promise that the Yankees will compete for a Championship annually. Suzie's take - ummm.... if you are spending that much money on players, you better! Here are some early predictions and comments from one of my favorite baseball analysts, enjoy! - 
On the flip side of Spring Fever, there are teams and players that aren't so hot for the upcoming season, or downright aren't ready to play. Bernie Madoff continues to be a headache for the New York Mets, and Los Angeles Dodgers truly aren't sure who will be in control in La-La Land.... And then there's Albert Pujols and the Cardinals... It wouldn't be the first time a player and LaRussa did not see eye to eye... As it stands now, the power house from St. Louis will be a Free Agent at the end of the Season... Okay, Pete Rose, all bets are on! Suzie's take- I would be VERY surprised if Pujols is still in Cardinal Uni at end of the year...Follow some lead stories coming out - 

It's in the Hole!
Anyone between the age 40-70 (and maybe some Gen Y folks with parents who share) knows Bill Murray... Anyone in that age range has busted a gut over the most iconic 'golf' movie ever made, "Caddyshack"!  Bill's boyhood imagination and dream of winning it all on the final hole has come full circle! After playing at Pebble Beach Pro/Am National Tournament for over 20 years, he finally made the cut AND Won! Well, Pro D.A. Points may have had a hand in Murray's success (who credits Murray for keeping him relaxed for his first PGA win on Tour!)  My favorite moment was when Bill Murray teed off on Saturday morning... He pulled out an Elmer Fudd hat from his back pocket (jeans, no less), stopped, facing the crowd and said, "It's official, we are in the Hunt!" The crowd roared with approval... Check out Murray's press conference on his reaction of winning it all -
Boogity - Boogity- Boogity!
It's official! I've become a fantasy sports addict! Well, not that either one of my buddies had to do any real arm-twisting in asking me to join NASCAR Fantasy... Then again, other than NBA, it's one of the professional sports that I am a casual fan, so needless to say, this will be a learning year. As I was reviewing drivers to choose from, Earnhardt Jr popped out, considering he has the pole.... errrr HAD the pole! After crashing in practice yesterday, he now moves to the back of the pack. I was observing how poignant it would be for Dale to get back on track with a win at Daytona 500 (he's hit a dry spell driving in 100 races without a checkered flag). Nascar Nation has perennially held a candle in reverence for his Father, Dale Sr. who tragically met his death at Daytona 500 10 years ago... Dale had something to say about that, along with a desire to get back to his winning ways during the days when #3 was around -

Payback is a Bitch... in a Cavaliers Uniform

There is no doubt That Black Mamba guy, what's his number now? 8? Oh.... well anyways back to the point.... I am sure somewhere between the All-Star break and April the Lakers will find their Mo Jo to defend their Championship. BUT Until that time.... I and many other Laker Haters are enjoying their current losing streak.... The Icing on the cake... The chocolate cake AND milk was the sweet surprise (as I was listening to ESPN score updates last night settling down to greet the Sandman, at first I thought it was a spoof) of Cleveland Cavaliers snapping their losing streak at the Lakers expense! Was it payback? Was it redemption? I mean, Lakers did hand them a trouncing in Los Angeles (Cleveland lost by 55 points)... Well, thank goodness for All-Star Games! Ha! My favorite  story leading into the NBA break came from TMZ! If I ever find the video spoof "How to Land a Player"... I will post!  

Bullying is NOT Okay! 

Finally- I share a heart wrenching and warming (those mixed emotions tugging at our heart strings) story Rick Reilly brought us recently. How would you like to be the mother to escape turmoil and violence for a better life, only to find out your child is being tortured in the Country giving you refuge? No bueno... Bullying is NOT okay! Please share! 

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