Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Nights…. Alright for Fighting!

If you could be anywhere on Super Bowl weekend…. Anywhere on the planet, where would you want to be? Me??? Las Vegas! Nah…. I’m not much of a gambler. I’m not interested in seeing any of the flashy shows or Cher. Although I’ve enjoyed playing ‘spot the hooker’ in the Baccarat Lounge at Bellagio, there is another mouthwatering, jaw dropping guilty pleasure taking Center Stage at Mandalay Bay… UFC! 

Dana White has amassed one of the most anticipated and heavily packed fight cards since its inception. Many around Brazil as well as US feel Anderson Silva vs.  Vitor Belfort may be the fight of the decade. Yet, there are other fights listed that my steal the thunder from the two Brazilians. Two former champions working their way back as being contenders is Forrest Griffin vs. Rich Franklin. Two other fights hitting the card to watch out for is Jon Jones vs. Ryan Bader, and the heavily promoted tiny and mighty up-n-comers Norifumi Yamamoto vs. Demetrious Johnson (fight will be live for everyone to see on Facebook!) It’s a must see spectacle of Y2K Gladiators!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or away on a peacekeeping mission in the middle of Zimbabwe for the last decade, UFC  (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is a Mixed Martial Arts face off  between warriors that makes Rumble in the Jungle look like a play date in the sandbox. As boxing  has been losing fans and declining in talent, UFC has been taking off faster than the space shuttle in popularity and interest; so much so, the founder of 24 hour fitness, Mark Mastrov, is cashing in on it’s fan base opening up a franchise of  UFC gyms around the US giving every Jack and Jill an opportunity to get into GSP shape!

UFC has its fair share of critics and protesters naming it violent along with other tasty adjectives (numb nuts, knuckle heads, archaic nonsense.) I admittedly was one of those critics, until I kept getting caught at my beloved watering hole watching other sporting events while the beefed up fans slowly trickled in packing the pub to watch perfectly chiseled warriors display balance, agility, stamina, and sheer punching power vying to dominate their opponent into submission. I definitely didn’t mind the eye candy in the octagon as well as around me! Although I winced and closed my eyes at some brutal scenes playing out on the mat, I began to ask questions and find out firsthand the fascination of MMA.  

I discovered the competition of ultimate fighting is disciplined, respectful, and a perfect melting of power, duration, and mental awareness. It would not surprise me if many fighters know Sun Tzu’s philosophy of ‘The Art of War’ (which sits on every shelf of anyone holding an MBA degree.) MMA is not for slackers or drinkers. Just Google George St. Pierre and ask me if you think he even touches Johnny Walker or would walk into a Five Guys franchise.  Gangs are violent… crack heads are violent…. Terrorists are violent…. Heck, WWE promotes violence… Contrary to many beliefs, UFC is one of the greatest raw competitions of mano contra mano on earth! 

I challenge you to set aside prejudices… set aside any misnomers or assumptions you may have and just experience UFC… I would not be surprised if you become as addicted as my girliest friends. Come join me for Saturday Night Fights! 

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