Monday, January 31, 2011

Made in USA...

Happy Monday Everyone!

Well, everyone is arriving in Dallas for Super Bowl Week! It's no surprise to anyone Troy Polamalu receives defensive player of the year! I mean, when he was out, Pittsburgh lost... When he was in? A whole different Defense AND team. The NFL has chosen a prime day to meet with player's Union (day before Super Bowl) to begin what seems to be the tip of positioning for a new CBA (no... that is not the 'd' league of pro-basketball players... it's collective bargaining agreement between owners and players in the NFL); an open opportunity to schmooz and pictures, and that will be the most accomplished in that meeting.

The best opening to Super Bowl Weeks has been the featured story ESPN has brought us about the footballs made for the NFL. Yes... the actual footballs! A delightful homegrown factory in Ada, Ohio is the birthplace of all footballs you see every Sunday thrown by the greatest and worst quarterbacks... footballs flung through the air being caught or dropped for Sportcenter highlight reels are made here! Each 'pigskin', begins from a sheet of tanned and dimpled cowhide, passed from one hand to another- cut, stamped, sewn, laced, filled with air, and inspected for quality. I am happy to see the most popular and valued playing ball in America is in fact MADE here!

Enjoy the feature:

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Top 10 Sports Stories over the Weekend

Spanning my little universe, here are my top 10 picks over the weekend:

10. Okay.... So we hopefully have put to bed which side you preside on regarding the 'Jay Cutler' injury-gate...we can move on to Super Bowl Week! Top wagers? How long will Christina Aguilera hold the last note of 'Free'... What will Fergie be wearing? Suzie's slant- Will Big-Ben be able to resist temptation and keep his dick in his pants!

9. NHL All-Star weekend! And the teams will be... What? It's not released? It's a what? Two All-Star Captains get to pick??? Wait.... is this Top Chef or NHL? Am I back in grade school where we stand in line hoping we don't get picked last for kick ball? Huh.... This is different: Well Team Lidstrom rallied to beat Team Staal 11-10 (I take it, goalies took a day off) follow the story at

8. Speaking of All-Star games, NBA has their All-Star starting line-ups. One player that stood out like a sore thumb (or actually foot) was Yao Ming being voted as starting Center for the West... Suzie's Slant- Ummm... yeah... Yao Ming is out for the Season? There is even a question of him possibly being done? I'm just curious NBA voters... How does THAT Happen? Oh yeah... internet, globalization and China having the most people to go online and vote... Really??? Well, I hope Monta Ellis gets a look! He's only is in the Top 5 in scoring, minutes played, and FG% in the NBA...

7. One more plug for the NBA... My dear friend, let's call him bobo,  sent my a heartwarming article on Chicago Bulls own Derrick Rose. I was chatting with a wanker the other day, when I asked him if he is an NBA fan and he deadpan replied, 'They all should be obliterated! They are a league of thugs and delinquents!' I was quite thrown back; I mean I know they are going overboard with the tattoo thing but you can't unilaterally bunch them all together! And then, bobo blessed me with this story!  I love perfect timing:

6. There has been a regional debate heating up surrounding the announcement of Showtime filming a show surrounding the 2010 San Francisco Giants World Champions... With little detail or exact content, you can only imagine what thoughts of grandeur arose in many of us fans minds! It has made for great radio and debate, though... Well, Larry Baer appeared on Chronicle Weekend to give us a little more insight: 

5. Being a Warriors fan, we ENJOY seeing that dominating team in Southern California, 'Lakers' get humbled now and again. I was happy to see Sacramento surprise the Lakers on Friday beating them 100-95... and Icing on the cake was seeing Celtics waltz in on Sunday slapping them with another loss, 109-96! Suzie's Slant- Another opportunity for Shaq to ask Kobe upfront and personal how his ass tastes... I wonder what the Black Momba's reply was? Hmmm.... Alligator? Chicken?

4. Madison Square Garden has witnessed activity this week that has been missing for a while... The New York Knicks are beginning to turn their Season around, surprising their fans! And.... for the first time in 8 years, Chris Mullen's Red Storm Alma Matter, St. John's BEAT Coach K and Duke! Actually, spanked them   93-78!

3. The Golf World was excited and anticipating Tiger Woods first Event of the 2011 Season! Here we are finally past the revelation of an unperfect man, a dissolved marriage, and now.... we can finally get the dominating golfer back! Torrey Pines! A perfect course for him to begin again! He'd dominated here on so many occasions! Right? Yet.... as fast has his first round report came.... is how fast he faded into the pack come Saturday. The story belonged to Rookie Jhonny Vegas, hometown hero Lefty Mickelson, and a charming Southern boy who just lost his father, Bubba Watson. It came down to the final hole! Jhonny had to Birdie to win and he would be the first Rookie since Dave Duvall to shoot out of the gates with back to back wins... Lefty had a chance to lay up and hole the ball to beat Bubba.... Incredible Drama down to the end, and Tiger no where in site! Oh, Bubba Watson tearfully accepted the win at Torrey Pines

2. History was made and Great Britain held their breath hoping for history at the Final Singles matches at Australian Open, in Melbourne. Li Na, not only the first Chinese to make a final in a Grand Slam event, she was the first Asian to make it! She came up on a fierce competitor, a mother, Kim Clijsters of Belgium, who took three sets to win the match! It was Li Na's Anniversary as well! And then there was Andy Murray and Novak Djokavic. Both, 23 and grew up playing one another, I have an inkling this may become a rivalry of the upcoming decade. The weight of a Country on the shoulders of Andy Murray may have bogged him down; Djokavic won in straight sets! A vibrant energetic Scotsman all but disappeared... I hope he reappears at Wimbledon- I think it would be fitting he win at home! A Brit hasn't won since 1936!

1. The agony and glory made headlines at 2011 X-Games! In the Skier X Women's Final, The skier who slid first after a glorious crash wins! Serwa amazingly slides across finish line winning, and finally waving Canada's flag in celebration! A must see:

Changing Wind in the Air at Torrey Pines, PGA

The average age of golf fans and viewers range somewhere between retired and the edge of a baby boomer... The average age on the top of the leader board at Torrey Pines... Under 30.  The boys and girls who dreamt of being 'Tiger' and 'Player' are now flexing their skill, strength, and knowledge of the game (held in high regard reserved for 'tradition' and men in stiff suits) competing and winning their places at the top! 

Has the era of Tiger passed after the first decade of the second Millenia? At the end of the FedEx year in 2010, and the beginning of 2011, it appears the youth with flashy belt buckles and a flare for course fashion have a leader board reply. There are a dozen players to keep your eyes on that may challenge Tiger with his goal of passing Nicklaus and his 18 majors. How quickly a fan's assumption of fate or destiny changes. We assumed that there was no one 'good' enough, 'talented' enough to challenge Tiger's dominating skills. Little did we realize the entourage of 'youth' brought up on Tiger golf. Their mission: to be better! And, so far... proving it! 

Players on my list worth the watch: 1.  Jhonny Vegas ; 2. Rory McIlroy; 3. Ricky Fowler ; 4. Hunter Mahan ; 5. Dustin Johnson; 6. Billy Haas; 7. Ricky Barnes ; 8. Ryo Ishikawa ; 9. Graeme McDowell (a smidgen above 30) .... The first 8 all under 30!  I am pretty sure I will adjust my list, since it IS the beginning of the Season! 

Ernie, Phil, Tiger, Padraig.... those are indeed looming steps you hear behind you of young players seeking to take your place on the pages of golf history! 

I look forward of the 2011 FedEx Cup Season unfolding! 

Come watch with me!