Monday, March 21, 2016

2nd Chances...

The Glory of 'March Madness' has not disappointed, drenching national head lines on every media level in the last week. As we dig out of Winter days gone by in February, the sniffing of Spring rolls in as the third month commences. Before North America ushers in Vernal Equinox, Americans young, old, educated, idle fans, avid fans, bandwagon fans, in college, alumni, and any alternative come together to participate in the greatest tournament created on US soil,  the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball National Championship. A tournament comprised of the top 64 teams aspiring to be champion. A tournament where you win, you move on... Lose, you go home.  This literally is USA's version of "World Cup". We all have our regional allegiances, based on where we grew up, where we live, or where we went to school. No other tournament on American soil pulls off such frenzy and intrigue from 'Sea to shining Sea'... Or in this case, East Coast to West Coast.

Tournament Bracket Challenges have literally gone viral in the last decade. NCAA Division I Men's and Women's Basketball tournaments have taken off!  We all pay attention to the men's side, filling out brackets, all thinking with our Regional wisdom, "We know the the upsets and 'Sure Shots!' "... Au Contraire my friends- we know Jack!!! Even ESPN's College Basketball expert, Jay Bilas is imperfect! Here we are... After kicking off the tournament on none other than St. Patrick's Day, 2 rounds in the books, and 99% of posted bracket picks are wiped out by long shot busters rising for glory that only Elle Woods, or tuned in 6th degrees of separation psychics would have picked in the initial round of play! In 2013, when Harvard stunned the field with a round 1 win, there were only 374 brackets that picked all 32 games correct out of 3.3 million brackets! That's 0.012 percent! I am sure the wins by Yale, Hawaii, Middle Tennessee, and Stephen F Austin created similar results this year.

The entertaining thought of 'Picking a winning Bracket' livens such a dormant time during American sports. The NFL just finished its championship at beginning of February, and Major League Baseball opening day isn't for another month. Thus, the collegiate national basketball tournament by default, has drawn interest from the idlest of sports fans.

ESPN has come to realize, majority of those aspiring for perfection become irrelevant within 24 hours of tournament play... Luckily, ESPN has wisely created a contest for all of us know-it-alls to  pursue 'Glory' at perfection once again... I, myself, and many other compadres whole heartedly embrace and support their empathy in creating the 'Second Chance' Bracket!

You may think women are mostly ambivalent about sports... In actuality,  there are more of us out there as competitive, and attentive, that either you overlooked, or just seem to invalidate as irrelevant... Well, my fellow sports brethren, a life long friend just created a group of such women and we are having a hoot! We look forward to entering the 2nd chance Bracket with ALL of you, and hope we persevere in our research, and hindsight! Watch out boys! 'Theee'  March Madness Hot Chicks are in it to win it!