Monday, January 31, 2011

Made in USA...

Happy Monday Everyone!

Well, everyone is arriving in Dallas for Super Bowl Week! It's no surprise to anyone Troy Polamalu receives defensive player of the year! I mean, when he was out, Pittsburgh lost... When he was in? A whole different Defense AND team. The NFL has chosen a prime day to meet with player's Union (day before Super Bowl) to begin what seems to be the tip of positioning for a new CBA (no... that is not the 'd' league of pro-basketball players... it's collective bargaining agreement between owners and players in the NFL); an open opportunity to schmooz and pictures, and that will be the most accomplished in that meeting.

The best opening to Super Bowl Weeks has been the featured story ESPN has brought us about the footballs made for the NFL. Yes... the actual footballs! A delightful homegrown factory in Ada, Ohio is the birthplace of all footballs you see every Sunday thrown by the greatest and worst quarterbacks... footballs flung through the air being caught or dropped for Sportcenter highlight reels are made here! Each 'pigskin', begins from a sheet of tanned and dimpled cowhide, passed from one hand to another- cut, stamped, sewn, laced, filled with air, and inspected for quality. I am happy to see the most popular and valued playing ball in America is in fact MADE here!

Enjoy the feature:

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