Saturday, May 26, 2012

I Can't is a Copout!

Tell me if this conversation sounds familiar, “I want that life.. I want that job, or I want to look like that… (and then the proverbial…) But I can’t… it will never happen… Not in this life time” Truth is, its not that you "can't", rather you won't or choose not to incorporate the time or dedication in to your schedule... The Life you create is based on decision and choices delegated by you… If you’re sitting on a couch wondering what happened, or staring at a reflection you don’t recognize, either enjoy the subpar situation, or DO something about it!

Think about the elite athletes who’ve achieved pinnacle success. There was a time in an athlete’s development where they had decisions and choices to make. Of course, many may have an entourage of influences pointing them in certain directions. What about that athlete that has been surrounded by poverty and crime? That individual that has nothing with only dirt, determination, and an internal voice whispering to them, “It’s gotta get better, it has to get better”? These athletes, like Patrick Willis had choices… Even with parents going to jail, displaying all the attributes we warn our children about… Even being raised out of a shanty shack-of-a-home and handed to foster parents, Patrick never lost touch with responsibility and an internal fortitude of becoming a giving, nurturing, and productive human being. Tim Robbins has an incredible piece highlighting a diversity of individuals experiencing the same spiraling circumstances, yet some of them overcame hardship, tackled challenging obstacles and prevailed. What was the difference between them? Some examples of such individuals are Michael Ohr, Jason Pierre-Paul, Johnny Unitas, and recent sensation Jeremy Lin. The likes of Johnny Unitas or Babe Didrikson did not possess the concept of “I can’t” in their vocabulary, regardless of circumstances. Each one of the pinnacle performers I’ve mentioned did not allow temporary situations dissuade their ambitions. Some of the iconic figures where statues were built in their honor began with humble humility of getting cut more than once on their way to greatness. Instead of throwing in the towel, quitting, or giving up, each one reflected on what steps they had to make in order to reach their goals, to succeed!

I’ve been ignoring my dream of writing and sports analysis for years… I’ve allowed fear suffocate my confidence, placing my mind in a black and white world. Eeyor and Negative Nellie have dogpiled on my optimism feeding me crazy ideas that I had to choose one path, and begrudgingly give up others. The passion I have in eloquently depicting near perfection in motion have been trapped in my cerebellum collecting cobwebs far too long! I’m selling myself short; I am underachieving… Luckily, the great success stories of Willis and Unitas are just a few mouse-clicks away, feeding me reminders of tenacity and determination. I choose “I can”… I will sweep off those dust bunnies dulling my ambition and refuse to give in to limitations. So what if I’m decades older than the average intern? I am not finished… I am not giving up!

If you have doubts or hesitations, and allowing them to change your path… Here’s a couple inspiring reminders:

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