Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"The Art of San Antonio"

Out on the plains, the wind flows effortlessly through the tall wild grass…  One by one,  majestic gazelles appear to graze upon the luscious and tasty tundra… Gazelles are beautiful tall and fast creatures with amazing reaction and senses. Although they have incredible leaping  ability, agility, and strength, they are no match for a dark sleek cat that preys upon them for a carnal meal, the panther.  Downwind, slowly creeping up on the flowing field with stealth precision and patience, panthers strategically slither through the tall grass without a peep… Within a blink of an eye, before any gazelle can alarm the group and scatter,  the panther jumps up and claws it’s meal sinking its fangs into the gazelle’s jugular. Within a matter of moments the struggle is over and the panther prevails…

The gazelles by all means are quite majestic and absolutely breathtaking to watch prancing at highway speed limits across an open range, like an elite NBA athlete defying Newton’s law of gravity on a nightly basis flying in the air above a netted rim slamming a ball down with authority.  Many gazelles prance and shine every day on the NBA hard courts… They draw numerous fans and followings across the plains that blanket our land.  Within the same playing field lurks their nemesis, the sleek wild cats, like panthers, whom seem unamused or phased by any gazelles’ feat; for he knows all their moves… He knows all their habits… He’s observed all their escapes… The panther will sit back, watch, and wait for the perfect moment to execute denial of living to play another day. The large cats preserve their energy, strategize their attack, and cautiously move in to position to pounce on their prey… At the end of play time, it's no surprise when a panther prevails.

In professional sports as well as business arena, “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu has become the philosophy inherited of the truly dominant and successful teams and corporations. Think of some of the premier programs and persons… I have no doubt not only would they possess a copy of the incredible manuscript, they can quote the lessons. San Antonio Spurs are no exception. The players and coaches without hesitation execute various attributes and teachings divulged in the brief (yet eloquent) manuscript each time their sneakers touch the hardwood for 48 minutes of battle and war on the boards. “You do not have to win every ‘battle’ to win the war”… “Know your enemy, adapt to their way, then take their weaknesses and expose them…”  “It’s not always the greatest and mightiest of armies whom win, yet those with best position, defense, and work together whom will triumph…” “Do not lose focus on the ultimate goal, win the war”

San Antonio Spurs epitomize and lift the philosophy of Sun Tzu’s prose from the pages in to the arena.  Watching the Spurs play every game in the 2012 Western Conference playoffs has been nothing short (never boring) of an amazing orchestration of dominance and cruelty, as displayed by a panther encircling their prey.  There will be no surprise in my eyes if San Antonio once again stands atop a pile of Gazelles who've enjoyed immense time leaping and prancing upon the golden parkay floors...

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