Thursday, January 15, 2015

"THEEE" National Champion!

Dear Coach Saban, we'd like to inform you there's a new god in college football...  God's country has relocated to Ohio! Urban Meyer has brought his National Championship ways to 'The' Ohio State University winning the premiere playoff era in Division I NCAA Football as the underdog. Seeded 4th in a four team playoff bracket, Ohio State executed the unthinkable, knocking off heavily favored #1 seed Alabama with a third-string quarterback and sophomore running back thrashing through D- lines like a hot knife through butter.  After halting the roll of the Alabama Tide, Ohio State mosied in to Texas' AT&T Stadium facing the 2nd seed team Oregon. There were over hyped concerns Ohio State would face defensive challenges, with the rapid no huddle offense led by 2014 Heisman winner Marcus Mariota. Fortunately, the extra days of preparation were well spent by the Buckeyes coaching staff. The sheer size discrepancy between Ohio State's defensive line and Oregon's Offensive line brought the Ducks' running option to a screeching halt! Even with four significant turnovers of OSU coughing up posession, Oregon could not capitalize versus Ohio State. Oregon, once more leaves college football's biggest show with a loss. Pac 12 has entered in to an A race with B class dog. As we shake out a better picture of College Conference power rankings, SEC has shown kinks in their armor. Ohio State's win has lifted Big 10, and Pac 12 remains teetering on the edge of greatness looking up at the power houses in the South and Midwest.

The Big 10 Conference will be a hot ticket in 2015-2016 with Jim Harbaugh leaving San Francisco 49ers for his Alma Matter, Michigan. Harbaugh brought instant recognition and viability to Stanford University Football Program (He mentored Andrew Luck, currently vying for NFL AFC Championship with Indianapolis Colts), as well as turning around the San Francisco Forty-Niners leading them to a Super Bowl appearance and two NFC Championship appearances in last four years. Coach Harbaugh walks in to Michigan dealt the task of turning around a flailing program in to a Championship contender. Michigan's number one rival? The Ohio State Buckeyes. The Big 10 conference game between Michigan and Ohio State (circle November 28 on your calendars!) just might trump ratings of any other game on the schedule! 

Coach Meyer said it best frankly following the win, in so many words expressing that their rise to become National Champions was historical, and story for the ages. Ohio State Buckeyes proved the theory literally, "Next man up!". As their starting players went down through out the 2014 Season, underclassmen stepped in to the line up and stepped up! Urban Meyer ran in to a gem in 3rd string quarterback Cardale Jones. Jones had incredible poise and no one of the 33.4 million tuning in to the game would ever have guessed that his 3rd start in his college career would be the game for all the marbles! The NCAA willingness to create a playoff system for an undisputed champion has been a success. The National Championship game had the 2nd largest viewing audience in history. I originally wrote in support for NCAA Division I College Football playoff when LSU beat Ohio State in 2007 (Will the real No. 1 Please Stand Up). Although I offered a far-fetched 16 team  (or was it more?) example, I am proud that NCAA adopted the playoffs, even with just 4 top seeds. There will always be lingering debates regarding teams left out.

Now, lets turn our attention to the real debate: the god-awful National Champion Trophy! Why did NCAA transition away from the impressive and charming crystal football? The 2015 National Champion trophy looks like something that was won at the ring toss booth at the Country Carnival. NCAA definitely needs to re-assess that choice. I would be in favor of bringing the twinkling crystal football back!

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