Thursday, November 1, 2012

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San Francisco Giants on top of the World once more!

An amazing day in San Francisco October 31st! San Francisco truly knows how to throw a party and parade!

Now that the confetti has been swept up and the World Series Trophy will begin making its tour, there are greater agendas looming at the San Francisco Giants front office.

Contracts and free-agent status are now in contention regarding players that were pieced together creating a brotherhood in the dugout that would never die coming to the brink of scheduling tee times on 6 different occasions, before stunning the Detroit Tigers in the World Series, sweeping them. On top of that, players that had Season ending injuries will be coming back reporting healthy in Spring.

Tim Lincecum officially became a restricted Free Agent as the the street sweepers were running along picking up what brooms left behind along Market Street. Lincecum had his most diverse and challenging year to date. Tim and Zito flipped their records, with #55 going 10-15, and #75 15-10! Talking Sports heads and analysts have weighed in their opinions regarding Tim Lincecum summing up a view of the 2-time Cy Young recipient being 'done'. Yet, Bochy gave us a look at an option of an electric shut down mid-reliever in the postseason, where Lincecum came out of the bullpen striking out 20 all together! What does one do? Lincecum took a risk not signing a 5 year 100 million contract in 2012 offseason, thinking he could possibly earn more. That may have backfired. Of course, his future now lies in the hands of Sabian and the open market. Will there be teams bidding for Timmie, thinking he will continue to have "The Right Stuff" to get the job done? Possibly not in a starting role, but he definitely put on quite the try out for a multi-inning reliever.

Then there is Barry Zito. The ballooned 7 year 126 million contract is coming to and end, with Zito displaying performances in 2012 of why he won the Cy Young 10 years ago. Zito also was clutch in 2 pivotal games in the postseason shutting down explosive line ups in St Louis and setting the tone in the first game of the World Series against Detroit and their MVP baller Verlander. Do the SF Giants risk consistency signing him for a 2 year deal? ( I'm pretty sure it will be for quite a bit less).

Moving on from the pitching questions, there are some outfield and infield dilemmas to point out. First and foremost, 2nd base. Freddy Sanchez will be coming back form injury. Marco Scutaro just turned 37. There are two hopefuls from the Giants Farm system that may be ready in 2013. In my humble opinion, every year Freddy Sanchez has been here, he has missed significant amount of time due to injury. I don't know if I would continue to shell out contracts and money to a player that seems prone. With that in mind, I would waive, trade, release Freddy Sanchez and sign Marco Scutaro to a 2 or 3 year deal- the Venezuelan's legit!

Hunter Pence? Staying. He has at least one more year left in contract, with I believe an option of arbitration. He is an amazing player. Angel Pagan and a need for another outfielder (due to the loss of Melkey Cabrera) are the begging question marks. I see San Francisco working on a deal to keep Angel Pagan around. He did well in his role both in the outfield as well as leading off. It's a matter of San Francisco turning to the open market looking for a heavy swinging outfielder, or once again possible holding pat relying on their young and upcoming home grown products. There are some heavy names hitting free agency.  A couple of them happen to be Josh Hamilton, and Matt Kemp. After all the adoring tweets broadcasted by Kemp, I would not mind if he chose to turn in his "Dodger Blue" for Black and Orange.... Not at all!

So, come February 2013, for the most part, I believe you will see a chunk of the team return, and with the wizardry of  Sabian, some fresh complimenting components to further enhance our "Gamers" representing the City on The Bay, "San Francisco".

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