Thursday, March 22, 2012

In My Humble Opinion...

Yeah... yeah... yeah... Yes... Everyone has sounded off about the phenomenon of "Tim Tebow"; and now this will include me!

Okay.. Okay... Okay... Now Tebow is an incredible athlete! An incredible football player and has that ingredient that many other athletes... actually, practically anyone whom  participates in  life: Substance, and perseverance to reach the top.... There is no quit in "Tebow Time"!

He was successful at Florida and reached the pinnacle in bringing a National Championship to The Swamp, as well as personal achievement in being awarded "The" Heisman Trophy (or was it two? Gosh, I'm going off the cuff here...). I am certain Mr. Tebow carries the same passion and goals to acquire pinnacle success as an athlete in NFL. In my humble opinion, I know he can reach the Summit and acquire that coveted piece of hardware required entry to the most selective club in NFL, a Super Championship ring. I just don't believe it will be as a quarterback.

I wish someone would influence, mentor, and guide Tebow in the best direction for him to experience ultimate success in a NFL uniform: convert him to TE!

Okay... this windbag full of ridiculous knowledge best used in blogs and bars is signing off in this subject! Peace out! And may God Bless us All!

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