Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fantasy Dreams

Back in 1984, two men decided to publish rules, scoring, and drafting information regarding an up and coming sports fan hobby.  Tom Kane Jr. and Cliff Charpentier produced “1984 Fantasy Football Digest”.  They may not have been the original creators of fantasy football, yet they capitalized on what is now an annual Fall ritual taking place across millions of pubs, family rooms, and cubicles in the USA.  The average fantasy player spends $150 annually. A whole new journalism category was hatched at the beginning of the millennium to report on an industry literally exploding out of its tights in popularity. Sporting networks now provide code writers, websites, and expert analysts dedicated to assisting fantasy leagues across the nation in drafts, player moves, and statistics. Serious players exchange serious money, bragging rights, as well as trophies displaying supremacy of football knowledge.  

The greatness of fantasy sports is that anyone can play.  From Jennifer Garner edging out other stars etched along Hollywood Boulevard, to that sweet unsuspecting grandmother next door growing the best hot house tomatoes and zucchini that have ever landed at the dinner table, any given Joe Schmoe you see walking down the street may be that unassuming fantasy game whisperer.  No one needs to spend hours on end in the gym or field building the body of Patrick Willis (although I pass a fair warning you might lose countless hours reading reports, and listening to experts assisting in creating the “Trophy” draft list); you’re allowed at least 120 seconds to sprint to the bathroom or run for another Heini Light in between picks; and there are no risks of concussions or dislocated joints scrolling over the “Select Player” key  when that Sleeper RB (that’s for running back) you’ve been pining, is up for grabs.  

Through practically 30 years, fantasy games have evolved to give players choices of scoring opportunities and league match up choices. It’s a game that has tantalized the fairest weather fan in to paying attention to even a 1-15 team. The beauty of performance amongst fantasy athletes is the team doesn’t necessarily have to win for a picked player to create points towards any gamer’s win.  For example, Eli Manning. The NY Giants missed making the playoffs last year. For any NY Giants fan, that sucks. But, Eli passed for over 4000 yards and 31 touchdowns, second only to Tom Brady. When one participates in a league where there are bonus points up for 300+ yd passing games, receptions made, and touchdowns, you are looking at a lot of points produced by just one player.  The advancement of online technology has made player tracking and team building quick and layman friendly.  Of course, there are those insane players that spend as much time on fantasy games as they clock in the office. You can go crazy and become dizzy from all the opinions and views shared on every sport and player. I play for fun and compete against my skill set and opinion. Sometimes (well maybe more than I wish to admit) I get it wrong, or miss that one glory moment by placing a player on the bench that ends up turning in a career day (e.g. I had Dallas Braden as one of my pitchers last year, and..-cough, uh-hum- forgot to take him off the bench on Mother's Day... he pitched a Perfect Game!); and then there are moments where I beat the paid experts and geeks that spent months building their team of choice! (definitely savor those) My advice is to enjoy fantasy! If you do great, awesome! If you end up at the bottom, absorb the experience and go get em’ next Season!   

As I was reviewing players for 2011 drafts, I began humming “Favorite Things”… You know! That cute song Julie Andrews sings in “Sound of Music” during the storm and the kids all come in her bedroom? And I thought like Dr. Gru (Despicable Me… yes I keep the kid inside alive), “Light Bulb!”… Why not create a quaint cover (in the spirit of Weird Al) to the melody of “Favorite Things” related to none other, Fantasy Fall Season!  Thus for fun (that’s what it’s all about, right?)… Enjoy!

Fantasy Dreams

Lock out is  over  and Free Agents Signing
Kolb goes to Cardinals and Chris Johnson Whining
Plaxico Burress signs with the Jets
Hope this don’t bring… fantasy regrets…

Bush in Miami… Hightower to Redskins
Dan Thomas a Dark Horse… Aaron Rodgers a sure thing  
The Panthers are hoping Cam Newton is key…
To bringing them back to a playoff spree            

When you pick 6th… in the snake draft…
Don’t let that keep you frowned…
Just stick to your power ranks, the sleepers, and lists!
And you will find… Fantasy Bliss!  

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